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Ek deep seva kaa – Blanket Campaign

For most of us, winter is the time for comfort, good food, and warmth. But ever do we think about the struggle of those lesser fortunate people in this time of Joy? We don’t! We’re busy with our worldly pleasures, winter-time clothing and party plans.
But lets for a once, think about those lesser fortunate people, who have no shelter, no blanket, no woolen clothing and no warm food. Just imagine what a small child or an old woman go through during these winters, when they hardly own a full-sized clothing barely covering their bodies, sitting on an open street with the cold wave on its rush. They tremble, they cry, they succumb to death!
India has seen 13,276 deaths since 2001 due to cold harsh winters and with 800 more expected to die in the next 3 months. It’s not just because of the coldness during winter that they die, it’s because of the coldness in us!
This winter, let’s be warm, let’s be warm from the heart! Let’s help these people and find comfort in the fact that we helped someone sail through. Let’s ignite the Deepak of humanity!
The motive of “Ek Deep Seva Kaa” behind running this campaign is to bring the entire community together in order to help those poor people. To save thousands of valuable lives and to help them survive the harshness of nature.

How To Contribute

It’s simple! Become a volunteer and participate in the campaign.
You don’t require a lot of money to help someone, all you require is a heart and you can bring about a massive change. With us, You don’t need to spend even a penny! We don’t require money from you. All we need from you is 5 minutes of your time. That’s as long as an average bollywood song. So let’s skip listening to 1 song today and let’s serve humanity in that time.
Join the Ek Deep Seva Kaa army and make this world a better place.


1. Select Campaign
2. Choose how you want the refund.
3. Enter the required details.
4. Take a picture when you donate and submit


Use #EkDeepSevaKaa & #MeraContribution to share on your social media and spread the word. Motivate others and create an army of Humans to save thousands of valuable lives.


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